Add Single Gallery to a Page

Creating a gallery with Eram is an ease, so if you want that gallery inside a page along with other elements here is what you should do.

Suppose you have created a gallery named "kenburn for home". Using Visual Composer you can add that to your page. 

Find the Single Gallery element at Eram Category or just simply search element by name.

Then type in the name of the gallery.

That simple.

There are some concerns about various layout types of galleries being in a page regarding it's height:

  • Default is useful for vertical grid and masonry gallery layouts. 
  • Full is useful for kenburn, slider, horizontal and double carousel layouts. In this way the gallery will be full height of the device.
  • Define in Pixels is useful for custom layouting. for example when you need a slider gallery in a portion of a page then you need to set it's height.

Please note that at the current version of the theme (2.0) it is not possible to have more that one horizontal gallery in a page and it should be used as a solo element in the page.