Terms & Conditions

We truly believe that customers comes first and we will do our best to help you get your site up and running as you wish but there are some conditions that we are neither responsible nor can provide support:

  1. Any problem or data loss that might happens to your server or website in case you give us WordPress or FTP access. The reason behind this is that there are many possible scenarios for a server problem or DB crash and proofing that the problem was not from our side is practically impossible so if you are sharing these kind of information with us please be aware that there is no guaranty and also you should always get a full backup in case something went wrong.
  2. Customization and third party plugins support is not included in our service. The support itself is for answering questions related to available features and fixing possible bugs, more than that will require getting involve in coding of your website which is not in the scope of support service.
  3. Banning accounts because of miss usage or rude and offensive replies. Although this doesn't happen usually but owwwlab reserve the right to stop providing support to customers that go beyond routine business conversations and have offensive attitude. Please not that our support agents will do their best to help you and if you had any problem you can always contact us directly and report it but posting offensive replies will not be tolerated.

by using this site you have agreed to our terms and conditions and we withhold the right to alter them at anytime without notification.