Updating Faculty Theme and Packed Plugin (Visual Composer)

1. Log in to your ThemeForest account, navigate to “Download” page.

2. Find the “Faculty” item in the list and make sure “Get notified by email if this item is updated” is checked.

3. If you received any email about a new update, please go ahead and follow the link to download theme package.

4. Log in to your site admin area, then navigate to Appearance > Theme, then activate the default WordPress theme like “Twenty Sixteen” temporarily.

5. Delete the existing Faculty theme by clicking on the Faculty theme thumbnail, so you should be able to see a red link at the bottom right side that says “Delete”.

6. Deactivate and delete the existing Visual Composer plugin from Dashboard > Plugins.

7. Install the Faculty theme package (faculty.zip) in the folder package you just downloaded. Go to Appearance > Themes once again and click on the “Add New” button. Find and select the faculty.zip, then activate it.

8. After activation, you will see a notification bar that says something like “This theme requires visual composer plugin”. Just click the “Begin installing plugins”.

9. You will be redirected to the Install Required Plugins page. Activate the WPBakery Visual Composer plugin. 

10. To sync the theme options settings, go to Appearance > Theme Options > then just click “Save Changes” button once.

11. You are done. Test your website :)