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no nav and/or background picture in portfolio-item page


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    I am 'filling' the Toranj pages as we speak, but when linking the portfolio-grid.html to portfolio-item.html the following happens in Safari: the background picture (default = cover.jpg) does not appear. One only sees portfolio-nav. After refreshing the page all the pictures appears but the portfolio-nav disappears. In both Firefox and Opera there is no portfolio-nav, but the background picture is visible. 

    Thanks for your advice

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    Dev replied

    Hi there, 

    Could you please post a link to the page that this happens? We need to see the actual issue to be able to investigate it.


    owwwlab's Developer Team representee

  •   chocstudio1 replied privately
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    Dev replied


    Thank you for the URL.

    It seems that you have changed something that is causing the issue. 

    Have you edited the custom.js file? It is apparently injecting the ajax contents to a wrong node of the DOM. 

    Please check your edits once again.

    owwwlab's Developer Team representee

  • chocstudio1 replied


    No, I haven't. I've only edited some style-items (style.css). But the unedited Toranj template does seem to give a similar problem: when clicking from portfolio-grid.html to on of the 'project titles' (portfolio-item.html) there appears no back button on this underlying page. When going back to the previous page (portfolio-grid.html) by using the back arrow in the browser bar all the portfolio items does not respond anymore (Safari).