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  • Frank started the conversation

    Hi, I got an email from you ref. the new version 2.3 of eram is out, but I am unable to find an update possibility in wordpress (I'm currently at wordpress 4.8.1). No automatic update is offered by wordpress for eram, but for other themes under wordpress.

    How is the update procedure?

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    Dev replied

    Hi there, 

    Since the Eram theme is not hosted on the WordPress Website and you have bought it from Envato you need a few steps to be able to benefit from Automatic Updates.

    Go to admin panel -> Appearance -> About Eram Theme

    There, under the Required Plugins check if the Envato Market Plugin status is OK. If it is not, the you have to install and activate the plugin using the  Appearance -> Install Plugins page.

    The rest is easy, you just need to use the Envato Market plugin to authenticate to Envato and get updated automatically.

    Hope this helps.

    owwwlab's Developer Team representee

  • troy19 replied

    Thanks, that worked fine for me. And sorry for the double ticket, I didn't realized that my first tiket has already been sent out.